The history of the "help in a disease" stretches back already before the birth of the human species. In nature we can observe the intuitive behaviour of the animals that use natural means in a disease e.g. a diet or ethology of their behaviour and for instance, and after all, also the leap of a wounded deer into the Carlsbad's hot spring, albeit not indicated by a medical doctor, is a result of a highly rational intuitive behaviour.
The human population also used often highly efficient intuitive procedures already before the birth of scientific medicine.  Besides the herbal therapy the native Indians for instance used certain moulds for healing of their wounds long before Flemming, etc.
A chapter of its own are the systems of traditional sciences that were developing many millennia ago in India and subsequently in China.  
It was not until a few centuries ago that the way from charlatans, quacks and barber-surgeons has begun leading to the modern evidence based medicine which deservedly gained its irreplaceable position in the healthcare system. 
It might seem that we do not need the procedures and knowledge developed by previous generations any more. However, this would be a bad mistake. 
The medical science is also aware of this and thus up to these days collects the native knowledge and searches for new natural alkaloids e.g. in rainforests.
On the other hand entire vast domains and fields of traditional sciences are not duly researched and used up to this day. A wise man does not clog the healing springs just because he does not believe that they exist. Among other reasons also due to the fact that our knowledge of the world will not have been a final one for a long time ahead and there are certainly many big surprises still awaiting us on this journey. Eventually non of us ever knows when he himself will be in need of help.