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EUROCAM is probably the largest association of multinational European CAM organization aimed at patients and physicians, tutors and trained practitioners interested in CAM. “The aim of EUROCAM is to promote the contribution of CAM - Complementary and Alternative Medicine - to better health in Europe. (…) The objective of EUROCAM is to promote and facilitate CAM’s role in maintaining citizens' health, highlight the health promotion and illness prevention aspects of CAM for EU public health policy and programmes, to advance the accessibility, affordability and availability of CAM, and generally promote CAM at European level.” (275) EUROCAM is a united voice for CAM organizations when communicating with EU institutions.

Affiliated Organisations:

European Ayurveda Association
(from the Czech the Professional Chamber Sanator – the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka –

European Ayurveda Medical Association

European Central Council of Homeopaths

European Committee for Homeopathy
(from the Czech Republic the Czech Medical Homeopathic Society is a member –

European Council of Doctors for Plurality in Medicine

European Federation of Homeopathic Patients' Associations

European Federation and Forum of Osteopaths

European Federation of Patients' Organisations for Anthroposophic Medicine

European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association

European Traditional Chinese Medicine Associations
(from the Czech Republic the Czech Chamber of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a member –

International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy

International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques
(from the Czech Republic the Czech Medical Society for Acupuncture of the Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyne is a member –

International Federation of Anthroposophic Arts and Eurythmy Therapies

International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations
(from the Czech Republic the Czech Society of Anthroposophic Physicians is a member
Associate partners:

CAMDOC Aliance
“Jointly represent about 130 European associations of medical doctors practising CAM.” (276)
“The mission of CAMDOC is to develop and facilitate the integration of the well established and respectable CAM methods into European Health Policies with the aim to provide the European citizens with the added value to medicine that CAM can provide.” (277)
CAMDOC Members: ECH, ECPM, ICMART and IVAA (they are also members of EUROCAM).

Dachverband Komplementärmedizin Schweiz
Hufelandgesellschaft e.V.

EFCAM – European Federation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
“EFCAM is a Federation of European Federations of specific CAM modalities and national CAM umbrella organisations. Originating in December 2004 as a forum, before becoming a registered not for profit association, it has become the major voice for practitioners of CAM in Europe embracing some 20 CAM modalities in 23 countries.” (278)

„EFCAM Members:

European Shiatsu Federation
(from the Czech Republic the Czech Shiatsu Association is a member –

Reflexology in Europe Network


Ireland: Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations

Holland: Rijksregister Beroepsbeoefenaars Complementaire Zorg

Spain: Asociación Española de Terapias Naturales y No Convencionales “ (279)

European Council of Doctors for Plurality in Medicine – ECPM
“ECPM is a European Federation of Medical Doctors‘ Associations with more than 50000 members practising Alternatives and Complementary Medicines (CAM). In addition to the 45 medical member associations (homeopathy, anthroposophic medicine, chinese medicine and acupuncture, herbal medicine, naturopathy, neural therapy, manual medicines), …” (280)




International Society for Complementary Medicine Research – ISCMR
“ISCMR is an international multidisciplinary scientific organization established to foster the development and dissemination of new knowledge regarding whole person healing and whole systems healthcare research, including all traditional, holistic, alternative, complementary and integrative forms of medicine (TCAIM). It provides a platform for knowledge and information exchange of TCAIM research to enhance international communication and collaboration.” (281)

International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques – ICMART
“ICMART is a non-profit international organization comprising about 80 Medical Acupuncture associations and colleges worldwide. It includes over 35,000 doctors practising acupuncture and related techniques.” (282)

Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine – CAHCIM
“The mission of the Consortium is to advance integrative medicine and health through academic institutions and health systems.” (283)


National Cancer Institute – Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine – OCCAM
“The Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM) is an office of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis. OCCAM is responsible for NCI’s research agenda in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as it relates to cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and symptom management.” (284)

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health – NCCIH
“The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) is the Federal Government’s lead agency for scientific research on the diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine. NCCIH was formerly known as the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.” (285) (NCCAM, Ed.)

Index of professional associations that work with energy therapies:

„ACEP – Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

ACPEM – Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine

AET – Association of Energy Therapists

AETEPA – Asociación Española de Terapia Energética por Arquetipos

AIMC – Asociación Internacional de Medicina Cuántica

ALAS – Asociacion Latinoamericana de Sanacion Reiki

AMT – The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies

ASANUMED – Asociación de Sanadores Universales Mediante Energía a Distancia

BAHA – The British Alliance of Healing Associations

CH – Council for Healing

CPT – Consejo Profesional de Terapeutas Holísticos

CPT – Council of Holistic Professional Therapists

CRCH – Commission on Religious Counseling and Healing

EHA – Energetic Healers Association

EMA – Energy Medicine Association

ES – Energie Santé

FEB – Federação Espírita Brasileira

FSEM – Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine

FSHLB – Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards

IARP – International Association of Reiki Professionals

IEHA – International Energetic Healing Association

INEH – International Network for Energy Healing

ISSSEEM – International Society of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine

MF – Meditation France

NFSH – National Federation of Spiritual Healers – The Healing Trust

TCHA – The Complementary Healing Association

TCHO – The Confederation of Healing Organisations “(287)

Other references:

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