CAM at European universities

CAM is not represented as broadly at higher education institutes in Europe as it is in the US, Canada, Australia and East Asia. The vast majority of CAM education in Europe is provided by non-profit organizations and private educational institutions. Certain CAM methods can be studied at university in some countries, and in many countries medical students learn about CAM therapies as part of their studies. However, as mentioned above, there is a significant difference between the so-called old and new EU countries.

We cite from EUROCAM's website:

“Most training in CAM in Europe is designed and delivered by non-profit associations and institutions and by private teaching/training centres for each CAM modality. In some Member States CAM therapies are now taught at universities to Bachelor of honours level. Curriculum content, knowledge and skill levels, and examination procedures are generally overseen by the individual professional bodies of each CAM modality (…).”  (215)

“CAM training and education for medical doctors is mostly provided through non-profit associations and privately run schools and courses, but also at a number of European universities as postgraduate training courses. Professorial chairs of CAM exist in at least 8 EU Member States and in some Member States there are also chairs in a specific CAM modality. Familiarisation courses about CAM modalities are provided in the medical undergraduate curriculum in most EU Member States; this study is optional in most countries, obligatory in some.  (216)

The CAM professions are working with both health and education authorities on a national level to institute state recognised training courses and accreditation. A much faster take up of these initiatives and progress towards European level awards and mutual recognition is desirable.”  (217)

CAMDOC published a report named The regulatory status of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for medical doctors in Europe, which we cite an extract that discusses CAM in education:

CAM at universities

„Professorial chairs of CAM and/or Integrative Medicine exist in France (Nantes), Germany (Berlin, Duisburg/Essen, Rostock, Munich), Hungary (Pécs), Italy (Firenze and Bologna), Norway (Tromsø), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Bern) and the United Kingdom (Exeter, Sheffield, Southampton, Thames Valley).

According to a survey published in 2006 (Orsolya Varga O, Márton S, Molnár P /2006/. Status of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in European Medical Schools. Forschende Komplementärmedizin, 13:41–45)218, CAM education is available in 42% of medical faculties in the EU-15 countries and in 20% of faculties in the ‘new’ EU countries. CAM education is conducted by a separate department in 10% of medical faculties in the EU-15 countries and in 7% of faculties in the ‘new’ EU countries. Separate familiarisation courses in CAM are available in 42% of the EU-15 and in 20% of the ‘new’ EU member state medical universities. Separate CAM courses are compulsory in 13% of medical faculties in the EU-15 member states. There are no compulsory CAM courses in any of the medical faculties in the ‘new’ EU countries.” (219)