Why does it make sense to use CAM in European healthcare?

Europeans want CAM

CAM is already used by 100 million Europeans

  • CAM recognizes the patient's own responsibility and right of choice
  • CAM respects the uniqueness and complexity of each patient (a personalized and holistic approach)
  • CAM has no side effects (gentle, safer)
  • CAM activates the self-healing ability of the organism (it is more natural – does not cause drug addiction)
  • CAM often provides relief where conventional treatment cannot

CAMbrella Research Project: Europeans want CAM to be:

  • AVAILABLE (governments should support CAM development): We want to be able to use CAM if necessary.
  • OF HIGH QUALITY (governments should provide education, certification, licensing): We do not want to have to worry about damaging our health or suffering financial damage.
  • TRANSPARENT (governments should ensure that information is readily available): We want to have reliable information to make decisions about our health.
  • RESPECTED (governments should create conditions conducive for conventional medicine and CAM to communicate and cooperate): We do not want to feel ashamed about seeking CAM treatment and talking to a doctor about it.

There is evidence-based information on CAM

  • There are research projects on the safety and efficacy of CAM (PubMed, Cochrane)
  • There are economic analyses of the cost-effectiveness of CAM
  • There is extensive long-term experience of using of CAM abroad (USA, Canada, Australia, and East Asia)

European healthcare systems are FINANCIALLY UNSUSTAINABLE
CAM is a way out of the crisis

An increase in the occurrence of lifestyle and chronic diseases: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental disorders…

  • CAM emphasizes on health literacy and health sustainability (diet, exercise, life rhythm, stress management, etc.) – it prevents civilization diseases
  • CAM helps improve the quality of life for patients with incurable conditions
  • CAM helps manage the side effects of conventional treatments (cancer)

Ageing population

  • CAM promotes healthy, active ageing
  • CAM helps improve the quality of life

High costs of healthcare

  • CAM helps reduce the need for expensive medical interventions
  • CAM prevents disease by low-cost interventions
  • CAM helps to increase the effectiveness of conventional treatment (in collaboration with medicine)

Antimicrobial resistance – a serious global threat

  • By promoting a healthy lifestyle, CAM reduces the need for antibiotics
  • Some CAM drugs may be an alternative to antibiotics

Billions spent on medications associated with erroneous medical interventions

  • CAM is safe and does, therefore, not create the risk of subsequent financial compensation
Sources: EUROCAM documents, CAMbrella final report