Professional Chamber Sanator at the 12th European Congress of Integrative Medicine in Barcelona on 13-15 September 2019

12th European Congress of Integrative Medicine in Barcelona on 13 - 15 September 2019 Tomáš Pfeiffer, Director of Professional Chamber Sanator 

Bioenergy Healing within the Comprehensive Patient Care

Tomas Pfeiffer, Professional Chamber Sanator - the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka


Although this contribution seemingly does not speak the language of modern science, it does not mean it is unscientific. Numerous opinions previously presented by Josef Zezulka Biotronics were later confirmed by science and the method brings visible benefit. 

Healing is performed by vital immaterial energy transmitted by a biotronicist. It influences illnesses originating from bioenergy insufficiency, without any invasion and side effects. Monitoring of the patient’s state enables its research. Exceptional results are achieved in oncological and neuro- degenerative diseases, especially sclerosis multiplex, infant cerebral palsy etc.

A great potential lies in the area of prevention and cooperation with medicine. The method is guaranteed by a professional chamber.

Similarities to some Indian systems of medicine can be identified.

Selected cases:

A patient (aged 53) – melanoblastoma on a shank. After unsuccessful four-year surgery and chemotherapy treatment the tumour spread into the abdominal area. Then biotronics healed the patientfully.

A dying patient (54) – an inoperable stomach tumour, a palliative surgery conducted – tumour abridgement, small intestine resection, the tumour left in its location. The patient was released to home care with 2-3-month life expectancy. After biotronic healing she recovered completely and lived a full life for 23years.

A dying patient (70) – malignant tumour of the right upper pulmonary lobe. The patient was released home after unsuccessful chemotherapy and left without any medical treatment. After a biotronic intervention she recovered completely and lived for 13years.

131 patients’ reactions to biotronic healing, e.g. breast carcinoma, skin melanoma, pulmonary cancer with multiple metastasis, uterus myoma, sclerosis multiplex, thyroid gland autoimmunity hyperfunction, arthritis, pulmonary mycobacterial avium, etc.
(People's experience with biotronics) 


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