Annual General Meeting 2020 of ISCMR (Videoconference)

30 October 2020 

Organizer: The International Society of Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine Research

The Chamber Sanator, as an ISCMR member organization, was invited to take part by Board of Directors of ISCMR.

Mr. Tomas Pfeiffer, the director of the Professional Chamber Sanator (KoS), presented here the Platform2020 Prague, its importance for the ISCMR work as well as for further development of all TCIM disciplines in general. He also informed about the publication Alternative Medicine (CAM) In the World, published by KoS, as an important source of information in this field. Next he also presented the World Health Congress 2020 Prague.


Activities of the Professional Chamber Sanator and ITCIM: