Extended Board Meeting of ANME (Videoconference)

30 November 2020
Organizer: Association for Natural Medicine in Europe

KoS (the Professional Chamber Sanator), as an ANME member organization, was invited by the ANME president Ms. Nora Laubstein to take part at the session.

Mr. Tomas Pfeiffer, the director of the Professional Chamber Sanator, informed here about the present state of the active trial version of the Platform 2020 Prague and about the preparations for the upcoming main event of the World Health Congress 2020 Prague. The members of the ANME extended board expressed their support and respect for this important worldwide project in the field of TCIM and informed Mr. Tomas Pfeiffer about the means through which ANME promotes this project among its members as well as general public. 


Activities of the Professional Chamber Sanator and ITCIM: