Ayush Valley Webinar:
Ayush HardTalk #3 | What is scientific evidence?

6 December 2020
Organizer: Ayush Valley Foundation

Mr. Tomas Pfeiffer, the director of the Professional Chamber Sanator, presented here the stance on the evidence and information from the viewpoint of TCIM disciplines in general as well as with special regard to the discipline of Biotronics. He then presented the publication Alternative Medicine (CAM) In the World, which is an important source of verified information in the TCIM disciplines, and gave examples of some of the statements by the founder of the Biotronics Mr. Josef Zezulka, that were confirmed and accepted by the scientific community in the subsequent years. Mr. Tomas Pfeiffer also presented the Platform 2020 Prague and the international congress World Health Congress2020 Prague as significant projects created with the intention of the benefit of the awareness not only regarding scientific evidence of the TCIM disciplines. The webinar participants showed a keen interest in these projects and many of them expressed their interest to take part in the upcoming main event of the Congress in Prague and support of the emerging Platform 2020 Prague.

The record of the whole webinar is here:
The contribution of Mr. Tomáš Pfeiffer is from about 3:29:55, the next entry is from about 4:38:04.


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